Pension Calculator


The Department of Labor (DOL) issued final fee disclosure regulations that require Covered Service Providers like Waddell & Reed, Inc. to disclose specific information to employers who sponsor a qualified retirement plans for their employees.

Waddell & Reed provides web page links containing the following components developed for you in accordance with the DOL's rules under ERISA Section 408(b)(2):

Waddell & Reed provides this information to ERISA-covered plans to facilitate the plan administrator’s compliance with applicable DOL rules and regulations. If your plan is not subject to ERISA, please refrain from republishing the information or any links to the information


Select from the options below to determine the estimated annual fees and expenses.

Annual Expense Ratio represents the Fund's annual operating expenses as shown in the most recent shareholder report, net of any applicable fee waiver and/or expense reimbursement.

Estimated Annual Fees and Expenses reflects the approximate fees and expenses your Fund investment will incur over the next year, assuming that your Current Investment Value is the same for the entire year. It does not take into account any initial or contingent deferred sales charges. Your actual fees and expenses may be higher or lower

Please remember that an investment in a mutual fund involves risk. Investment return and principal value of a mutual fund investment will fluctuate, and shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less, than their original cost. Mutual fund fees and expenses may fluctuate over time and actual expenses may be higher or lower than the estimates shown.