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New Developments at Waddell & Reed


A shift underway at Waddell & Reed is transforming how we serve you, enabling our affiliated financial advisors to work most efficiently and proactively toward your goals.

We’re bringing important changes to our product offerings and technological capabilities to ensure that Waddell & Reed remains at the forefront of the industry. The changes equate to real, tangible and innovative ways of doing business that will strengthen client/advisor relationships, add depth to investment options and provide ongoing, real-time access to account information.

We believe it’s important for you to know that the tenets of this transformation — Excellence, Evolution, Endurability — are the measure for every improvement we’ve made.

Highlights of the transformation

Higher efficiency account analysis and management

Higher efficiency account analysis and management

When an advisor can work more efficiently and effectively, it adds up to more time to spend with you. Our new partnership with industry leaders Envestnet and Docupace Technologies makes this a reality with an innovative account management system customized for Waddell & Reed. Among many benefits, this brings:

  • Paperless environment; digital access to accounts
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • Smart forms and eSignature
  • Electronic document storage
  • Model portfolio creation
Leading-edge financial planning tools from eMoney

Leading-edge financial planning tools from eMoney

Track wealth and goal progress with up-to-date account information and financial planning tools accessible online, in real time. With eMoney’s digital vault, you can store important documents such as a will, home deed or financial statements, and easily retrieve them anytime. These tools allow you to dynamically work with your advisor to:

  • Create a personal web page and see consolidated financial data
  • Get one complete picture, with all account information in one place
  • Create a budget and monitor cash flow
  • See how decisions may impact your retirement plans
  • Access important documents anytime, and print reports
Expanded advisory program choices

Expanded advisory program choices

Select from a broader range of Managed Allocation Portfolio (MAP) advisory programs, which bring a wide variety of investment choices, including actively managed funds and index funds, from leading fund families.

Share Class conversion

Share Class conversion

If you invest in a MAP advisory program, you may see a potential reduction in the overall mutual fund expenses in an advisory account due to your mutual fund shares being converted from load-waived Class A to Class I or Class Y. There are no tax implications to this change. See your prospectus for more information regarding share classes.

Simpler, more user-friendly

Simpler, more user-friendly

The new offers an uncomplicated online experience that is intuitive, mobile ready and easy to navigate.

Responding to DOL Fiduciary Standard Rule

Responding to DOL Fiduciary Standard Rule

The Department of Labor’s new rule puts requirements in place to ensure that financial institutions and advisors act in clients’ best interest as fiduciary stewards. We have long believed that financial institutions and advisors have a responsibility to act in the best interests of their clients. That is a concept that is inherent to our culture. Waddell & Reed and its affiliated financial advisors have always sought to place their clients’ interests before their own. We look forward to further strengthening this concept through compliance with the new rule.

We’re proud of the transformation that’s happening at Waddell & Reed and pleased to share the changes in progress over the months ahead.

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