Marketing Plan

Build your personal marketing plan.


As a financial advisor and a small business owner, setting goals and developing a plan to achieve those goals are key to your success.

Without goals, your practice lacks direction. While your business plan helps to define the goals for the future success of your business, your marketing plan is the underlying tool for helping you achieve those goals.

Developing and systematizing your personal marketing plan can be one of the most important steps you can take toward attracting and retaining clients. A thoughtful marketing plan can impact and enhance the client experience, position you within your target markets, and help fill your calendar with the types of appointments you want.

Review these 10 steps to marketing success. Then contact our recruiting team to discuss how you can grow with guidance and resources such as this when you affiliate with Waddell & Reed.

  1. Create a website that reflects you
  2. Maximize your web presence
  3. Provide online account access
  4. Brand your practice
  5. Develop a contact management system
  6. Grow through referrals
  7. Build networks and centers of influence
  8. Market through seminars and events
  9. Supplement with advertising
  10. Wrap your marketing tactics in a strategic plan

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