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At Waddell & Reed, we talk about financial planning…a lot. It has played a prominent role in creating a community and shaping a culture where you can build a meaningful practice, enjoy camaraderie, feel valued and have resources to achieve success for yourself and your clients.

“When I envisioned a career, what wasn’t part of the picture was me helping some big corporation get bigger. I wanted a career where I could have an impact on society. I wanted to make a difference.”

-- Recent college graduate and new financial advisor at Waddell & Reed

“In my previous job, I sat in a cubicle and pushed paper. I wanted to take a shot at funneling my personality and entrepreneurial nature into something deeper and more meaningful.”

-- Career changer and new financial advisor at Waddell & Reed

Build a career fueled and designed by what matters to you.

Do it as a financial advisor at Waddell & Reed.

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Customized Career Foundation

Build your career foundation as a financial advisor with Waddell & Reed.

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You don’t need a background in financial services to be successful at Waddell & Reed.

Our advisors come from diverse backgrounds and immediately add value when they combine their unique experiences with our specialized resources.

Your experiences
We value your unique background – education, previous job, community involvement – and believe it will nourish your career as a financial advisor and teach us something new as well.

Customized resources
Waddell & Reed enjoys the benefits of introducing individuals to the industry. Our specialized resources leverage your experiences and track a few steps ahead of your advisory opportunities to ensure you’re prepared for what’s around the corner.

One of the most exciting synergies is new advisors partnering with one another to exchange perspectives, co-host client and marketing events and generally serve as a resource to one another. Collaborations can fortify your career foundation and provide immediate benefits to your practice.



The Seven C's

Our culture was shaped on a set of actionable and attainable principles called The Seven C's. They express who we are, guide our business strategies and are respected company wide.

Everything we do must have the client at its center.

In spirit, and in practice, we strive to meet or exceed
the ethical and operating standards that govern our business.

Everything we do must have the client at its center.

We bring unique value to our clients through the combination of a proven, experienced investment management team and a national network of talented financial advisors.

We always will be focused on building upon our team of financial advisors, our product and service offerings, and our results.

We will be competitive – in products, services and professional acumen – with other providers in the investment management and financial planning business.

We will continue to always foster Waddell & Reed’s unique, familial culture.

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Leaders Who Listen

Everyone needs great leadership. Have confidence that Waddell & Reed’s leaders are unwavering in their commitment to provide you:

Vision. A shared vision informs our collective goals and objectives, and we are unwavering and clear in our communication of that vision. 

Access. You will have access to company leaders, including first-hand knowledge of their decision-making process, and the opportunity to help influence the direction of the company. 

Environment. Everyone in the firm works to create an environment that emphasizes collaboration, trust, empathy and ethics. With these characteristics in place, advisors can work toward the success they envision for their practices.

Field Leadership

Our field leadership team is comprised of leaders from coast to coast. As industry veterans and former advisors, they bring experience, passion, knowledge and sensitivity to their role. Your own region and division leaders will partner with you every day, bringing personal perspective and insight to your challenges and providing guidance to help you succeed.

Corporate Leadership

Our corporate leadership team is comprised of some of the finest and most innovative minds in the financial services industry. They represent a mix of homegrown and outside talent, combining the best of Waddell & Reed’s long history with the best of an ever-changing industry.

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