Run your business in a resource-rich environment.


Support is core to the advisor experience. Resources such as results-oriented marketing programs, experienced subject matter experts and dedicated assistance teams create the supportive environment that has become the heart and soul of our advisor-focused culture.

“My previous firm provided home office call center support, but it wasn’t nearly enough to guide me when I reached a plateau or had practice management questions about things like hiring or operational efficiencies.”

-- Independent financial advisor now affiliated with Waddell & Reed

“I developed strong client relationships while at the wirehouse only to realize that I don’t own my book of business and I had no say over what happens to my clients when I retire.”

-- Former wirehouse financial advisor now affiliated with Waddell & Reed

Waddell & Reed offers resources to inform and guide you in all aspects your business.

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Marketing Resources

Grow your practice with marketing resources

Marketing drives your practice’s growth. At Waddell & Reed you will have access to resources to help you stand out in a competitive market, grow relationships, enhance your image and target new markets. Get started by developing a marketing strategy and executing it with a selection of pre-approved printed literature, customizable materials, electronic resources, turn-key client/prospecting event packages, and programs that reimburse a portion of your events and activities. 

Put a whole new spin on growing your business.

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Product/Sales Support

Get product and sales support

Superior service, knowledge and skill come standard with our product and sales support teams. These subject matter experts have been in your shoes, understand your challenges and can anticipate your needs.

They provide insight as you grow your business and make it its most efficient, helping you develop an action plan for areas including:

  • Pre-sale consultation
  • Investment product support
  • Practice development
  • Retirement planning
  • Financial planning
  • Advisor technology tools
  • Brokerage services
Sales Support

Grow your business and be more efficient. 

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Practice Management

Manage day-to-day business

Waddell & Reed local leaders and home office staff members make it their first priority to to help you maneuver the more intricate complexities of your job, conquer time-consuming administrative tasks and be as effective as possible. You can expect easy access to knowledgeable experts to discuss your issues and help you arrive at solutions relating to:

  • Compensation
  • Compliance
  • Personal office logistics
  • Human resources
  • Technical support
  • Legal/regulatory
  • Licensing
  • OSJ
  • Transition
  • Marketing
Practice Management

Put your time where your heart is...with your clients.

Our practice management resources can help.

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Professional Development

Learn, develop, keep current

We believe learning is most effective when pursued in a real-world context where relevant information is consumed progressively as you are ready for it. Because advisors come to Waddell & Reed from across the industry and with varying years of experience, we provide this customizable learning system to benefit everyone. From mainstream issues to more complex and specialized topics, the following professional development programs enable you to enhance your knowledge base as needed:

  • W&R University online learning program
  • CFP curriculum
  • Professional designation reimbursement
  • Securities registrations and continuing education resources
  • Company professional development conferences
  • Sales development and referral gathering programs

Invest in yourself.

Our professional development programs make it easy to learn, develop and keep current.

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