403(b) Retirement Plans

Waddell & Reed Advisors 403(b) Plan

Your school district has selected Waddell & Reed as an approved vendor to provide investment products and servicing for your 403(b) retirement plan.

Waddell & Reed, Inc. is proud to provide the Waddell & Reed 403(b) retirement plan, through an alliance with Pentegra (formerly Advanced Pension Solutions) and Nationwide Financial. The alliance, which began in October 2000, combines superior customer service, Waddell & Reed’s strong national distribution system and Nationwide’s innovative product design.

A 403(b) plan allows you the double benefit of investing your personal pretax salary contributions while reducing your current taxable income. Contributions into the plan let you delay paying taxes because the earnings in the account grow tax deferred; income taxes are not paid until you begin making withdrawals.

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Investment Options

The mutual funds offered are provided at Net Asset Value (NAV), with no front-end or back-end sales charges. An asset charge applies, along with normal fund expenses.

Waddell & Reed Advisors Retirement Plan Performance Summary

Fund Name Ticker
Fixed Income / Bond
Ivy Securian Core Bond Fund A IBOAX
PIMCO Total Return Institutional PTTRX
Oppenheimer Limited-Term Government A  OPGVX
Large Cap
American Funds Growth Fund of America R5 RGAFX
 Ivy Large Cap Growth Fund A WLGAX
Nationwide S&P 500 Index R6 GRMIX
Invesco Growth and Income A  ACGIX
Davis Opportunity A RPEAX
Mid Cap
Pioneer Mid Cap Value A PCGRX
Franklin Small-Mid Cap Growth A  FRSGX
Small Cap
Heartland Value A HRTVX
Nationwide Small Cap Index A  IPOAX
 Ivy International Core Equity Fund A IVIAX
Ivy Global Growth Fund A IVINX
 Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund A IPOYX
American Funds New Perspective R5  RNPFX
Ivy Global Natural Resources Fund A IGNAX
Ivy Science and Technology Fund A WSTAX
Oppenheimer Gold & Special Minerals A OPGSX
Prudential Jennison Utility A  PRUAX
Davis Financial A RPFGX
American Funds American Balanced Class R5 RLBFX
Ivy Balanced Fund A IBNAX
Ivy Asset Strategy Fund A WASAX
Invesco Equity and Income A  ACEIX
Oppenheimer Capital Income A  OPPEX
Nationwide Investor Destination Aggressive Svc NDASX
Nationwide Investor Destination Moderate Aggressive Svc NDMSX
Nationwide Investor Destination Moderate Svc NSDMX
Nationwide Investor Destination Moderate Conservative Svc NSDCX
Nationwide Investor Destination Conservative Svc NDCSX
Nationwide Government Money Market R6 GMIXX

Effective Feb. 26, 2018, Waddell & Reed Advisors Vanguard Fund A merged into Ivy Large Cap Growth Fund A, Waddell & Reed Advisors Global Growth Fund A merged into Ivy Global Growth Fund A, and Waddell & Reed Advisors Science and Technology Fund A merged into Ivy Science and Technology Fund A.

This information is provided for educational purposes only and may include references to concepts that have legal, accounting and tax implications. It is not to be construed as legal, accounting or tax advice, and is provided as general information to assist in understanding the issues discussed. It should not be considered investment advice, nor does it constitute a recommendation to take a particular course of action. Waddell & Reed does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult with the appropriate professional regarding your personal situation prior to making any financial related decisions.

An investment in a money market fund is neither insured nor guaranteed by the FDIC or any other governmental agency. Although money market funds seek to preserve the value of your investment at $1.00 per share, it is possible to lose money by investing in a money market fund.

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About Waddell & Reed

At Waddell & Reed, our vision is to help you work toward achieving your financial aspirations. Since 1937, we have been committed to helping investors develop and work toward financial goals designed to help them realize their life’s dreams. We do this by providing personal, comprehensive financial planning and investment and insurance products delivered to you by skilled financial advisors.

Your financial advisor will help you:

  • Enroll in the plan
  • Select investments that will help meet your financial goals
  • Choose the right amount to invest and prepare a report that will detail how your contribution will affect your paycheck
  • Review your investments as needed and help you make adjustments based on any life-changing events

Please contact the independent Waddell & Reed office below to find a financial advisor near you.

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Forms and Enrollment

You have the opportunity to continue planning for your financial future today as your school district has approved the Waddell & Reed 403(b) plan. Waddell & Reed was selected by your school district to provide investment products and servicing for your 403(b) plan.

Please contact the financial advisor assigned to your school district (click the Find an Advisor tab above).  Together you can discuss a retirement investment strategy based on your risk tolerance, investment time frame and financial priorities, establish your new account in the Waddell & Reed 403(b) plan, and continue your pursuit of financial independence.

Enrolling by mail

Establish your 403(b) account on our partner platform at Nationwide in three easy steps:

  • Complete the enrollment, beneficiary designation and product disclosure forms:
    To obtain your county-specific product disclosure forms, visit: www.tsacg.com
    • Select "District/College Plans," then "Florida," then your county
    • Next select "List of Forms"
  • Keep a copy of all forms in your personal file
  • Mail the forms to your financial advisor. If you do not have a advisor, please refer to the "Need an Advisor" tab above.

Enrolling online

Enroll online using the button below.

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Transferring from another vendor to the Waddell & Reed retirement plan

You also can transfer existing assets from another 403(b) account(s) to your Waddell & Reed 403(b) account on the Nationwide platform. Get started by completing the form below. Your financial advisor can assist you with this process.

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