Merged Ivy Funds - Historical Data

As approved by shareholder vote, the following Ivy Funds (and one Ivy Variable Insurance Portfolio) were reorganized into larger funds with substantially similar strategies, effective Nov. 5, 2018. The mergers are intended to create more economies of scale for the benefit of fund shareholders and blend funds with generally similar investment objectives. The mergers also will decrease the total expense ratio of certain classes of the merged funds, while none will increase.

Ivy European Opportunities Fund
Ivy International Core Equity Fund
Foreign Large Blend
Ivy Tax-Managed Equity Fund
Ivy Large Cap Growth Fund
Large Growth
Ivy Global Income Allocation Fund
Ivy Asset Strategy Fund
World Allocation
Ivy Micro Cap Growth Fund
Ivy Small Cap Growth Fund
Small Growth
Ivy VIP Micro Cap Growth
Ivy VIP Small Cap Growth
Small Growth
Ivy LaSalle Global Risk-Managed Real Estate Fund
Ivy LaSalle Global Real Estate Fund
Global Real Estate

Below you’ll find historical data on each merged fund from its inception through Nov. 2, 2018. After that date, the surviving Ivy Fund’s historical record carries forward.

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