Manage tomorrow's risks by developing strategies today.


Smart money management is about more than just accumulating and investing your assets — you also have to protect those assets. A serious health problem, a loss of property or even a job change can have a tremendous impact on your financial health.

Insurance and annuity products offer a potential way to help safeguard yourself against the risk of the unexpected. This is commonly referred to as risk management, which involves identifying potential lifestyle threats—such as loss of health, property, income, savings or life—and developing appropriate insurance strategies for helping guard against them.

So how do you manage risk?

Start with a comprehensive plan. A comprehensive financial plan that meets your specific objectives and adjusts over time with your changing needs can serve you well for a lifetime. 

A complete risk management plan might include the following:


Annuities can provide income in retirement, either as a stand-alone option or as a supplement to existing income sources such as an IRA or 401(k), and may also include a death benefit. Annuity investments grow tax-deferred until withdrawn.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance protects your family from financial loss after you pass away. Not only can it help your family maintain a similar standard of living, but it can also be used to replace lost income, eliminate debt or fund a college savings plan.

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Long-Term Care Insurance

Chronic illness or disability can have a devastating effect on your finances. Long-term care insurance can help pay for nursing home, in-home-care, assisted living and medical equipment expenses.

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Disability Income

Most people rely on monthly income to pay bills, but injury or illness – pregnancy, a broken leg, a hospital stay – can interfere with your ability to earn a paycheck. Disability income insurance provides regular payments should you be unable to work due to injury or illness.

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Medicare Supplement

Medicare supplement insurance fills in the “gap” in Medicare coverage — health-related expenses such as co-pays, deductibles and coinsurance costs that aren’t covered by Medicare.

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Manage tomorrow’s risks by developing sound financial strategies today.

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