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Fed hikes rates, more likely in 2017

You may have seen the recent news on the U.S. Federal Reserve’s step to slightly increase interest rates. The policy-making committee of the Fed increased the benchmark federal funds interest rate to 0.75%, a 0.25-percentage-point increase and the first since December 2015.

Election 2016: Tracking a Trump administration

We review the potential impact that President-elect Donald Trump and his administration may have on the economy, interest rates, the stock market and more.

Global economic growth likely to improve in 2017

We believe global economic growth will improve in 2017 and may reach levels not seen since 2012-14.

What part will municipal bonds play in a changing rate environment?

Even as equity markets reach new highs, there can be more reason than ever to consider the municipal bond market for your portfolio.

New real estate sector puts equity REITs in the spotlight

On Sept. 1, publicly traded real estate companies were assigned their own sector on the S&P and MSCI indices, entirely separate from the financials sector where they had previously been listed. How will this affect your investments?

Money Market Reform: What you need to know

Changes are being made to the way money market funds are governed. This article is designed to explain the changes coming to the Ivy and Waddell & Reed Advisors money market funds.

Real estate stands on its own

On Aug. 31, 2016, real estate will move to its own sector under the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS®) structure and move out of the financials sector.

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