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Financial advisors have multi-dimensional careers. Today you’re working with clients, tomorrow you’re busy with marketing activities, and every day you’re making decisions about how to build and run your business. All this requires technology systems that are integrated and intuitive.

“Coming right out of college, I couldn’t imagine working somewhere that trailed technologically and wasn’t with it enough to recognize the value. ”

Recent college graduate and new financial advisor at Waddell & Reed

“Where I used to work, it seemed like technology choices were made without input from those of us who used those systems every day. ”

Career changer and new financial advisor at Waddell & Reed

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Why settle for less than technology based on the needs of financial advisors. We don’t. Give us a call and we’ll tell you more about the emphasis we put on advisor technology.

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Industry leading technology is the hub of our systems

Pershing’s NetX360 and Albridge’s COMPASS sit at the hub of technology at Waddell & Reed. With them you will perform some of your most important day-to-day activities.

NetX360 gives you access to and management capability of your client accounts, allows you to deliver first-rate service and helps you develop sales and revenue opportunities.

COMPASS aggregates client accounts, streamlining your access to client information and empowering them to monitor performance at any time. It’s your go-to tool for creating reports and researching investments.

Wire your business to fit your needs

No two businesses are exactly alike, which is why we offer diverse technology systems that you can mix and match to fit how you like to operate. In addition to NetX360 and COMPASS, we offer tools to help you efficiently run and successfully grow your business, as well as tools that provide an engaging client experience, all at a competitive monthly rate.

    Run Your Business Grow Your Business Client Experience
INVESTMENTPlan (Morningstar) Comprehensive suite of web-based investment planning and research tools including investment research database, portfolio analysis tool and presentation tools.

Morningstar Annuity Intelligence Education, technical, compliance and sales tool for making informed annuity decisions.

FOCUSPlan  Cloud-based technology to help you identify and prioritize client goals and produce a detailed written analysis.

FOCUSPLan Premier  Cloud-based technology designed for more complex financial planning cases.

Investment Proposal Generator Produce advisory product proposals, compare, manage investments within a client account.

NetX360 Premium Content Market data, news and research tools from widely known third-party providers.

SmartOffice Anywhere Mobile-optimized portal to your client data on SmartOffice.

Waddell & Reed University Online self-paced courses, live interactive webinars and curricula covering product, technology, compliance, practice development and business processing.

Vision Self-servicing website that provides client information for dealer distributed mutual funds and variable insurance products.


Advisor Portal Hub to resources including technology tools, product-related training and content, and business practices and process.

eStub Investment check imaging and electronic deposit tool.

WebEx for Advisors Resource for sharing files with clients, delivering training and collaborating with colleagues online.


Social Media Program Resource for building a social media presence for your business on LinkedIn and Facebook.  

Forefield AdvisorTM  Sales, education and client communications tool with more than 3,000 articles, illustrations, calculators and presentations.  

Emerald Advisor Website Personalized, firm-branded website customizable with FINRA-approved content.

Emerald Email Marketing FINRA-approved, client HTML emails on a wide range of topics.  

Emerald Seminars Library of approved seminars.    

Emerald Newsletters Educational newsletters that you personalize and send to targeted audience.  

NetXInvestor Mobile or desktop platform where clients can access account information, third-party research, quotes and news.    

Secure Email Encrypted email to share confidential information with clients.    

CashEdge Account aggregation service to access client holdings.    

Retirement Calculators Calculators that help you present complex retirement plan calculations to clients, including IRA, 457(b), 403(b), Exclusive(k), SEP, profit sharing and more.    

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