Protect Culture

Develop and protect your culture


Finding clients. Creating strategies. Building solutions. Servicing clients.

Ask advisors how they spend their days and most would recite these activities. What they may not comment on as readily are relationships with others in the firm, how decisions are made, and how time and space are arranged – all elements of culture.

As you build and grow your business, expressing your culture may be critical to your success. The consequences for not doing so can be disappointing and a missed opportunity.

Waddell & Reed’s practice development team has identified several steps to understanding your culture and cultivating a new one, if needed:

  1. Understand what your current culture is – good, bad or indifferent
  2. Clearly think through what you want your culture to be
  3. Create a clear definition of your culture and communicate it
  4. Design and implement an action plan 
  5. Monitor progress and make adjustments

Create a culture that reflects who you are and positively positions your business. 

Let's talk about how Waddell & Reed can help you cultivate yours.

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