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4 tips for marketing your new DBA


A DBA (Doing Business As) is a business name used to market your practice. Creating one opens the door to branding opportunities, including the ability to develop a unique logo and color palette, reinvigorate your digital presence, refresh your office to enhance client experience, and publicly recognize your team’s collective efforts under one name. Here are four ways to maximize your new DBA brand:

  1. Choose a unique name that helps you stand out in the marketplace. Choosing a name you’re proud of is imperative and a step that comes long before the marketing phase. This is widely considered the hardest part about creating a DBA. Not only should your name be creative and unique, but it cannot infringe on another business’s name and must be without regulatory concerns. Start by considering words that have a special meaning to you, your team, your history or your location. Reference our blog 4 creative ways to choose your DBA name for brainstorming tips.
  2. Work with a marketing/advertising vendor to create a logo, color palette, and tagline that complement your DBA name. When working with a vendor, be sure to implement brand standards, which may include primary and secondary colors, guidelines for how to use the logo, as well as specific fonts. These guidelines will help keep all team members consistent in their use of your brand. You may also consider trademarking your logo – discuss the benefits and process with the Waddell & Reed Practice Development Team.
  3. Develop a communication plan for a seamless transition to your DBA. It’s recommended to have multiple touchpoints using several methods of communication, especially when announcing your DBA for the first time. For example, over the first couple weeks, call your top clients, mail a letter, send an email, post on social media and host an open house.
  4. Maintain brand design, message and tone consistency across all client communications, like business cards, letterhead and envelopes, email signature, website, client statements, social media channels, text messages, client apps, etc. You can work with vendors for some of your DBA marketing needs, as permitted by the firm’s compliance policies. Be sure to discuss the policies and best practices with the Practice Development Team prior to forming and marketing your DBA.

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Marketing your DBA effectively is an important step toward success. Our Great Practice Solutions (GPS) program can help you create a unique marketing plan to promote your new brand.

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