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Morningstar Research Reports

Each quarter Morningstar provides an in-depth review and analysis of mutual funds listed below. Please note that Morningstar is paid a fee based partly on assets invested in the MAP Program.

Investment Grade Fixed Income Funds

Specialty Bond Funds

Domestic Large Cap Funds

Domestic Small/Mid Cap Funds

Global/International Funds

World/Allocation Funds

Sector Funds

Money Market Funds

Investment Grade Fixed Income
Waddell & Reed Advisors Bond
Waddell & Reed Advisors Government Securities
Waddell & Reed Advisors Municipal Bond*
Ivy Bond
Ivy Limited-Term Bond
Ivy Municipal Bond*
Specialty Bond
Waddell & Reed Advisors Global Bond
Waddell & Reed Advisors High Income
Waddell & Reed Advisors Municipal High Income*
Ivy Global Bond NEED TICKER
Ivy High Income
Ivy Municipal High Income* NEED TICKER
Domestic Large Cap
Waddell & Reed Advisors Tax Managed Equity*
Waddell & Reed Advisors Vanguard
Ivy Large Cap Growth
Ivy Tax-Managed Equity* NEED TICKER
Waddell & Reed Advisors Accumulative
Waddell & Reed Advisors Core Investment
Waddell & Reed Advisors Dividend Opportunities
Waddell & Reed Advisors Value
Ivy Core Equity
Ivy Dividend Opportunities
Ivy Value
Domestic Small/Mid Cap
Waddell & Reed Advisors New Concepts
Waddell & Reed Advisors Small Cap
Ivy Mid Cap Growth
Ivy Small Cap Growth
Ivy Small Cap Value
Ivy Micro Cap - NEED TICKER
Waddell & Reed Advisors International Growth
Ivy Cundill Global Value
Ivy European Opportunities
Ivy International Core Equity
Ivy International Growth
Ivy Manage European/Pacific - NEED TICKER
Ivy Managed International Opportunities - NEED TICKER
Ivy Pacific Opportunities
Ivy Global Equity Income - NEED TICKER
Ivy Global Income Allocation - NEED TICKER
Waddell & Reed Advisors Asset Strategy
Ivy Asset Strategy
Ivy Asset Strategy New Opportunities - NEED TICKER
Waddell & Reed Advisors Continental Income
Ivy Balanced
Waddell & Reed Advisors Energy - NEED TICKER
Waddell & Reed Advisors Science and Technology
Ivy Energy - NEED TICKER
Ivy Global Natural Resources
Ivy Real Estate Securities
Ivy Science and Technology - NEED TICKER
Money Market
Waddell & Reed Advisors Cash Management

Consider all factors. Please remember that an investment in a mutual fund involves risk. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate, and shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Participation in a MAP account is not necessary to purchase mutual fund shares offered within the MAP Program. Shares of the mutual funds in MAP Program portfolios may be purchased directly from your financial advisor. However, these shares may have a front-end load or back-end usage, which do not apply to shares in the MAP Program portfolio.

Not all account types may be available on all platforms. Some products & services may not be available with all accounts. Brokerage, investment and financial advisory services are made available through Waddell & Reed, Inc., in its capacity as a registered investment adviser. Brokerage accounts cleared through Pershing LLC. For a full description of managed account services, including fees and expenses, review the Advisory Services Informational Brochure or Advisory Services Informational Brochure for your Choice Account.

Waddell & Reed, Inc. is not related to or affiliated with Morningstar.

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