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Our Approach

Our investment approach has always been based on fundamentals over fads. We use a conservative and consistent process that seeks to deliver competitive performance, while focusing on risk-adjusted returns and rigorous research and analysis. At Waddell & Reed we believe that superior, long-term results can be achieved by adhering to a few key investment principles:

  • Dedicated team: Our investment management team includes highly skilled portfolio managers, analysts and economists, who collaborate regularly, yet maintain individual decision-making responsibility. Together, they oversee a complete mutual fund lineup, including domestic and international equity funds, fixed-income funds, balanced funds, and a variety of specialty funds.
  • Risk-adjusted returns: Our conservative investment approach is based on fundamentals over fads. Always recognizing that we manage “other people’s money,” we are willing to forgo some gains in an effort to protect our investors from losses.
  • Confidence in our best ideas: Because our investments are relatively concentrated, not only do we know our portfolio holdings inside and out, we manage them with insight and confidence.

Waddell & Reed Investment Management Company serves as investment advisor to the Waddell & Reed Advisors Group of Mutual Funds, Ivy Funds Variable Insurance Portfolios, and Waddell & Reed InvestEd Portfolios, Ivy Investment Management Company serves as investment advisor to Ivy Funds and the Ivy Funds portfolios.

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