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Call Center Claims Service Award

Waddell & Reed Call Center Claims 2013 DALBAR Honors

The Waddell & Reed Call Center has earned DALBAR’s 2013 Recognition for Excellence for its exceptional customer service provided to clients and financial advisors. What’s more, Waddell & Reed is one of only two call centers nationally to win both client and advisor awards in each of the past four years.

“The sustained excellence demonstrated by our multiple DALBAR awards confirms that our Call Center is one of the best in the industry,” said Kelly Curfman, Director of Client Services. “We are quite proud of our Client Service Representatives’ diligence and dedication to each and every caller.”

Over the span of a year DALBAR conducted rigorous testing of Waddell & Reed’s call center services and found Waddell & Reed to outshine their peers in the high quality and consistency of service provided.

“Through continuous monitoring and evaluation of service delivery, Waddell & Reed has, for the fourth consecutive year, achieved a level of excellence in servicing the needs of both financial professionals and investors,” said Kathleen Whalen, Managing Director at DALBAR. “Waddell & Reed understands that consistently displaying a high level of professionalism and knowledge of their products and services is of paramount importance in earning customer loyalty and creating strong customer advocates, and they have the track record to prove it.”

Waddell & Reed call center representatives achieved a level of excellence in the following areas:

  • Waddell & Reed understands that first impressions are powerful and will set the stage for the rest of the call. Representatives at Waddell & Reed set themselves apart by greeting financial professionals and investors with the highest degree of respect over 90% of the time.
  • Waddell & Reed representatives understand that oftentimes a conversation can require a very detailed answer regarding a particular account or, as is often the case with financial professionals, several accounts. Waddell & Reed representatives are highly adept at re-capping important information discussed in the call more than 92% of the time.

DALBAR, Inc. is the financial community’s leading independent expert for evaluating, auditing and rating business practices, customer performance, product quality and service. Launched in 1976, DALBAR has earned the recognition for consistent and unbiased evaluations of insurance companies, investment companies, registered investment advisers, broker/dealers, retirement plan providers and financial professionals. DALBAR awards are recognized as marks of excellence in the financial community.


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