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Investors have run hot and cold on emerging markets. Are opportunities ahead for emerging market debt?
Emerging markets have been growing faster than developed countries for the last decade, according to IMF data. Portfolio Managers Frederick Jiang and Jonas Krumplys review the case for an allocation to emerging markets now.
A look at innovative solutions that we believe are poised for growth in the current market environment.
Global oil and gas production continues to increase, as does demand. In the U.S., there has been dramatic growth in output from shale basins, which is affecting companies across the energy industry.
WRA Core Investment Fund managers anticipate that the return to warmer temperatures is bringing about re-growth
Equities have strongly outperformed other asset classes in recent years, especially 2013. Waddell & Reed Advisors Asset Strategy Fund continues to use its flexibility to position for changes in the market environment, including the ongoing impact of aggressive monetary policy on the global economy.
Municipal bond fund investors may be concerned about recent municipal finance headlines. Michael Walls, portfolio manager of the WRA Municipal High Income Fund, takes a look at the downgrade of Puerto Rico’s credit rating.

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