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The Fund's portfolio management team thinks the risks of a monetary policy mistake are greater today than they have been in some time. They explore the backdrop of global central bank policies and discuss the Fund’s positioning going into 2015.
A variety of factors have combined to push oil prices down to levels not seen since mid-2009. The decline has had a significant effect on stocks and has become a factor in the growth outlook for the U.S. and global economies.
Ivy Funds recently launched the Ivy Mid Cap Income Opportunities Fund, an equity portfolio focusing primarily on income-producing mid-capitalization companies. It seeks companies believed to offer the opportunity to provide sustainable or increasing dividends.
We think the Fed will be cautious with rate comments to avoid again causing market volatility. That may mean a bond market that tries to anticipate Fed moves and interest rates that stay in the lower end of a 2.5 to 3.5% range.
In August, Matt Hekman was named portfolio manager of the Waddell & Reed Advisors Continental Income Fund, taking over management duties from Cynthia Prince-Fox, who joined the Asset Strategy team. Learn more about Matt’s experience and the Fund’s current strategy.
The high-yield fixed income market suffered a bout of the summertime blues, potentially giving investors a few points to consider about their high-yield strategies.
Booming oil output from U.S. shale basins is spurring growth across the industry and the economy, generating potential opportunities for investors.

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