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Equities have strongly outperformed other asset classes in recent years, especially 2013. Waddell & Reed Advisors Asset Strategy Fund continues to use its flexibility to position for changes in the market environment, including the ongoing impact of aggressive monetary policy on the global economy.
Municipal bond fund investors may be concerned about recent municipal finance headlines. Michael Walls, portfolio manager of the WRA Municipal High Income Fund, takes a look at the downgrade of Puerto Rico’s credit rating.
2013 favored companies with lower quality business models. Will 2014 be the same? Portfolio Manager Kimberly Scott provides insight on the road traveled and outlook ahead.
With a rising interest rate environment on the mind of many fixed income investors, Portfolio Manager William Nelson shares his thoughts on the return to a more normalized rate environment and his strategy for managing the WRA High Income Fund.
Fund allocations generally have been stable in a year of strong performance by U.S. equities. We still expect growth in the U.S. and global economies in 2014 with continued aggressive monetary policy. We also don’t expect the Fed’s massive bond-buying program to wind down in the short term.
This piece takes a look at the current market environment and places where the Fund is finding opportunity.
Whether it’s the concern of slowing growth in China, months of stock market volatility or the looming fiscal cliff, uncertainty abounds. Balanced funds can be a straightforward, uncomplicated choice for balancing potential risk and reward in today’s complex world.

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