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Portfolio Perspectives

WRA Core Investment Fund | Acquisitions are being viewed as important earning growth drivers for companies that are faced with increasing earnings after years of margin expansion and modest economic growth.
WRA Energy Fund | Oil prices still are a key topic for investors. We believe most of the bad news for oil is behind us.
WRA Municipal High Income Fund | Volatility has been an ongoing concern for municipal bond investors seeking potential tax-free income.
Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund | There is a tendency to think of emerging markets as a single potential investment option, but there are many variations among these countries.
WRA Asset Strategy Fund | The primary risks as we begin the second quarter are the unintended consequences associated with global central bank policy.
WRA New Concepts Fund | Mid-cap stocks offer special appeal to investors and are considered by many to be the sweet spot of the market. Historically, mid-cap stocks have had a lower standard deviation than small-cap stocks and typically more growth potential than large-cap stocks.
Ivy Real Estate Securities Fund | The macroeconomic backdrop, low interest rates and strong capital markets provided support in 2014, but how will real estate perform in 2015?
WRA Asset Strategy Fund | The efforts of global central bankers to fight the Great Recession have not resulted in the desired outcome of faster nominal GDP growth worldwide.

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