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Portfolio Perspectives

WRA Energy Fund| A strong U.S. dollar and an economic slowdown in China are adding to the pressure on oil prices.
WRA Asset Strategy Fund | Global markets have become more volatile this summer, reflecting investor uncertainty about global economic growth, the direction of interest rates and the opportunities to generate positive investment returns.
WRA Continental Income Fund's flexible mandate allows us to invest among a variety of different investment vehicles, and offers the opportunity to take advantage of volatility when it happens.
We have weighted the Fund heavily with what we believe are attractive global companies that offer goods/services aimed at pockets of global growth.
We think the underlying economic and market conditions still are supportive for the global real estate sector and publicly traded real estate companies.
WRA Core Investment Fund | Acquisitions are being viewed as important earning growth drivers for companies that are faced with increasing earnings after years of margin expansion and modest economic growth.
WRA Energy Fund | Oil prices still are a key topic for investors. We believe most of the bad news for oil is behind us.
WRA Municipal High Income Fund | Volatility has been an ongoing concern for municipal bond investors seeking potential tax-free income.
Ivy Emerging Markets Equity Fund | There is a tendency to think of emerging markets as a single potential investment option, but there are many variations among these countries.

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