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Developed economies were the bright spot in the global economy during 2014 and that may likely be the case again in 2015 as well.
Our investment team offers an outlook on the global financial market and identifies five key themes for investors in the first half of 2015.
Check out 15 insights and ideas for investors, built from the insight of Hank Herrmann and our investment team.
The U.S. dollar recently has been gaining value versus other currencies. While a stronger U.S. dollar has some obvious implications, other issues may arise as well.
Global Economist Derek Hamilton says the continued infighting among policy makers weighs on market and consumer confidence. Despite the latest difficult debates about the federal budget and debt ceiling, we think the effects on economic growth are likely to be quite small.
Uncertainty in the Mideast is raising concerns about the outlook for oil prices. Portfolio Manager David Ginther shares his views about what events in Syria may mean for the oil market, noting that there are other issues in the region more critical to the world’s oil supplies.

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