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Dividend-paying stocks, and the mutual funds that invest in them, may offer an additional source of income.
The market seems fixated on emerging market problems that may be long lasting and restrict global growth.
CEO Hank Herrmann offers his insight on recent volatility in the global financial marketplace, along with tips for investors.
Europe, Japan, emerging markets among areas that may see growth challenges
2015 has brought its own set of surprises and patterns, from flat U.S. growth to volatility and geopolitics. Read CEO Hank Herrmann's latest view of the market and his key points for the remainder of the year.
While the first half of 2015 presented many of the same questions the markets have confronted in recent years, the potential opportunities may be changing.
We think the rise of the Millennial Generation is likely to have a significant effect on the economy and provide a catalyst for new investment opportunities.

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