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The Federal Reserve is largely expected to begin raising interest rates, but what happens after they make the first move?
Hank Herrmann offers his latest thoughts and insight on where the financial markets are now, and where they may be headed this year.
Many consider natural resources to be the economy's foundation. From agriculture to energy, forest products to precious metals, commodities represent life’s essential elements. In a similar way, a consistent allocation to commodities can be an important building block for any portfolio.
Our investment team offers an outlook on the global financial market and identifies five key themes for investors in the first half of 2015.
Check out 15 insights and ideas for investors, built from the insight of Hank Herrmann and our investment team.
Global Economist Derek Hamilton says the continued infighting among policy makers weighs on market and consumer confidence. Despite the latest difficult debates about the federal budget and debt ceiling, we think the effects on economic growth are likely to be quite small.

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