Waddell & Reed

Technical Services

We are continuously developing new and improved ways to address your hardware and software challenges. We appreciate and understand the value of your time and are acutely aware of the critical nature of your data. Recognizing that system issues and viruses can be devastating to your productivity and your clients, we arm you with the professional support, responsive resources and technical expertise you need exactly when you need it. Key areas of service include:

Application Assistance
No matter your issue, we provide thorough assistance on all applications and services within our technology bundle as well as popular software applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat.

Virus and Spyware Protection
Given the electronic nature of today’s business, it is likely that you have highly confidential client information on your computer. This is why viruses and spyware can be a threat. We’ll help you select appropriate virus protection software and assist with installation and ongoing support.

Remote Assistance
When available and with your consent, our technical support professionals can remotely access your computer to help find and resolve problems or challenges. Or, when such access is not possible, our proprietary system evaluation tool can help us diagnose and resolve the issue.