Waddell & Reed

Systems to Serve Your Clients

State-of-the-art technology is the underpinning of your career as a financial advisor. We carefully select technology partners that specialize in solutions for financial professionals, and we teach you to use those solutions to maximize your success. With some of the best technology in the wired world at your fingertips, you will be positioned to nurture and strengthen your advisor/client relationships.

Our commitment to technology is paramount to our collective success; subsequently, our ongoing financial investment is profound. Waddell & Reed has negotiated enterprise pricing for this comprehensive package and heavily subsidizes the cost for our advisors. Of course, we’ll also ensure that you learn how and when to use these tools. It’s simply that important that your work is supported by some of the finest technology available.

eSuite Advisor Portal
eSuite is Waddell & Reed’s web-based technology hub – a one-stop landing page that enables you to manage your business right from the browser and gives you access to extensive resources anywhere, anytime. eSuite seamlessly integrates all our technology tools into a user-friendly advisor workstation and serves as your entry point for the daily activities that drive your business. In addition, you can access our advisor resource center, eSource, for additional information on our product offering, marketing programs, technology trends, corporate communications and reference materials. Because everything you need to run your business is all in one place, your efficiency goes up, as does our ability to train and support you. In short, this powerful portal is designed to make it easier to conduct business and better serve your clients.

CORE (Oracle's Siebel)
This leading-edge client relationship management system gives you a single software solution to manage all of your client information. CORE includes client account details, daily calendar, activity tracking, advanced data querying, mail merge of compliance-approved correspondence, daily reporting and more.

COMPASS (Albridge Solutions)
COMPASS (Comprehensive Portfolio Aggregation Services), provides online access to your clients’ account information. The system aggregates all the accounts you manage on behalf of your clients, including their mutual fund and variable annuity accounts, into an easy-to-use system. COMPASS also lets you create a variety of client and advisor reports including:

Client Reports

  • Portfolio Snapshot/Performance
  • Transactions by Investor and Portfolio
  • Model Portfolio Rebalance
  • Holdings by Investor, Classification, Portfolio
  • Asset Allocation by Asset Type and Class

Advisor Reports

  • New Accounts
  • Client by Sales
  • Clients by Assets Under Management
  • Daily Trade Activity

INVESTMENTPlan (Morningstar® Advisor WorkstationSM)
INVESTMENTPlan is a comprehensive suite of web-based investment planning and research tools. INVESTMENTPlan provides access to an extensive investment research database, a portfolio analysis tool to build suitable recommendations and presentation tools to create dynamic and easy-to-understand client reports. The application suite consists of three modules:

The Research module provides access to extensive research databases (updated monthly), including more than 200 data points on:

  • Open-End Mutual Funds
  • Variable Annuity/Life Sub-Accounts
  • Individual Stocks
  • Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Closed-End Funds

The Hypothetical Illustration module allows you to quickly, accurately and efficiently model product performance and create customized historical investment illustrations. Using the module’s easy-to-follow, six-step workflow, you can illustrate investment strategies based on:

  • Specified Schedules
  • Taxes and Fees
  • Multiple Rebalancing Options

The Portfolio Builder module is designed to help you analyze a client’s risk tolerance and current portfolio allocation, create an appropriate asset allocation plan and present specific product recommendations customized to meet your client’s financial goals and objectives. The module’s guided interface can be used to create a detailed, comprehensive proposal, including the following reports:

  • Portfolio Comparison
  • Portfolio Snapshot
  • Portfolio X-Ray
  • Stock Intersection

FOCUSPlan® (EISI – Profiles Professional)
Profiles Professional is a comprehensive, industry-leading financial planning tool that allows you to tailor analyses based on individual client needs. Profiles Professional delivers financial planning services including: FOCU SPlan® Start-up, FOCUSPlan® and FOCUSPlan® Tax-Sensitive. This easy-to-use application provides high-quality, client-friendly presentations and reports.

FOCUSPlan® Premier (EISI – NaviPlan Extended)
Through a partnership with our home office financial, estate, and business planning experts, you have access to EISI’s most sophisticated planning tool, NaviPlan Extended. Designed for your high-income and high-net-worth clients and prospects, the Premier planning process provides access to state-of-the-art technology and advanced planning expertise. Through a collaborative process, you can create sophisticated plans to address your high-net-worth clients’ complex financial needs.

Retirement Planning Calculators
Our retirement planning calculators are designed to help you present complex retirement plan contribution calculations to your clients in a user-friendly, understandable way. Individual calculators include:

  • IRA Deduction Analysis – Joint and Single Filers
  • 457(b) and 403(b) MAC
  • Roth/Traditional IRA Comparison
  • Payroll Deferral Options – Paycheck Analysis
  • Required Minimum Distribution
  • Required Minimum Beneficiary Distribution
  • Substantially Equal Periodic Payments
  • Self-Employed Plan Contributions – Exclusive(k), SEP, Profit Sharing

NetX360TM (Pershing)
Today’s fiercely competitive environment requires a powerful source of tools and information to increase productivity and perform at your best. Pershing’s NetX360TM is designed to help you efficiently manage your clients’ non-proprietary brokerage accounts, allowing you to view client account information, including balances, orders, holdings, and history from a single screen. The NetX360™ platform is continually enhanced with the latest tools and technology to give you the most advanced functionality in the industry.

Developed in partnership with DST’s VM ware, eStub® facilitates the imaging and electronic deposit of investment checks using a customized scanner and fax machine available at all division and district offices.

Advisor Activity Management System – AAMS (Sales Activity Management, Inc.’s eScoreBoard)
eScoreBoard provides tracking and an online scoreboard to monitor your sales activities, contacts, referrals, appointments and marketing strategies. As a resource to improve your sales processes, eScoreBoard allows you to set productivity goals and analyze your progress toward those goals with easy-to-read reports