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Leadership that Listens

It is important to have confidence in your firm's leadership and understand their vision for the future. We understand that even the most successful and experienced advisors still want and need great leadership.

Along the way, you can be confident that Waddell & Reed’s leaders are unwavering in their commitment to provide you:

Vision: While your days of searching for guidance and direction may be behind you, you are likely still seeking inspiration and information from those shaping your firm's future and, by extension, your own. At Waddell & Reed, we have a shared vision that informs all of our collective goals and objectives, and we are unwavering and clear in our communication of that vision.

Access: Unlike most firms in our industry, you will have uncommon access to company leaders at Waddell & Reed. You will have first-hand knowledge of their decision-making process and the opportunity to help influence the direction of the company. We are acutely aware that garnering your perspective and employing your ideas is paramount to the company's growth.

Service: Our advisors are at the top of our organizational chart − everyone in the firm, beginning with the CEO, works in service of them. At Waddell & Reed, this brand of servant leadership emphasizes collaboration, trust, empathy and ethics. Our leadership team has made the conscious decision to lavish great accomplishment and focus on removing the obstacles that impede success. The objective of employing this type of leadership style is to enhance the growth of all individuals in the organization, increase teamwork and leverage personal buy-in thereby creating a symbiotic and mutually beneficial result. Leaders at Waddell & Reed -- those in the field and corporate leaders -- embrace these three primary tenets of leadership.

Field Leadership

Our talented and dedicated field leadership team is comprised of nearly 175 leaders from coast to coast. As industry veterans, they bring experience, passion, knowledge and sensitivity to their advisor relationships. Each of our field leaders has been a successful advisor – including our National Sales Manager. Your own region and division leaders will partner with you every day, bringing personal perspective and insight to your challenges and providing guidance to help you succeed.

Corporate Leadership

Our Corporate Leadership team is comprised of some of the finest and most innovative minds in the financial services industry with hundreds of years of collective experience driving our mission and vision. They represent a mix of homegrown talent and those who have joined us from other firms, combining the best of Waddell & Reed's long history with the best of an ever-changing industry.

Our culture not only defines us, it distinguishes us. It is the cornerstone of everything we do and each business decision we make. Our financial advisors are the center of that culture, they top our organizational chart, they are the focus. We are acutely aware that without their skill and commitment, we can't help our clients achieve their goals. Clearly, our clients' success and satisfaction is the priority and when the client succeeds, we all succeed.

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Our responsive field leadership team and accessible corporate leaders form a strong coalition that works on your behalf. They listen to your ideas and hold your opinion in the highest regard.