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Developing Your Knowledge Base

Your professional development program mirrors how we build financial plans for our clients – personalized, supportive and consultative. Interactive and self-directed computer-based programs plus valuable coaching with your manager result in a fully customized training agenda based on your needs. Your tailor-made plan ensures learning is "just in time."

Our results-based professional development system leverages your background and experience to create your competitive advantage. The real world content is timely and enables you to build your knowledge and skills in layers over time.

Career Readiness Track (CRTrack)
From the moment you join our organization, even before you become a fully licensed financial advisor, you begin our CR Track. This program includes 12 online sessions delivered through one-on-one coaching, group meetings and mentoring. The CR Track helps you gain a deeper understanding of our culture and the activities needed to be a successful financial advisor. Through best practice activities, you and your field leader will make a jointly agreed upon decision about your career as a financial advisor.

CRTrack Best Practice Activities

  • Study for licensing exams
  • Gather Quality INTROs names – 30 names/week
  • Drill for Skill
  • Observation appointments
  • Complete CRTrack pre-session tasks and in-class activities

Career Building Track (CBTrack)
Once you become licensed as a Waddell & Reed financial advisor, the CBTrack will help you fully engage in the career. You’ll build a model week of professional activities such as attending joint appointments, analyzing client cases, participating in mentoring sessions with your managers and learning best practices. The CBTrack is about building layers of knowledge and skills while you’re engaged in the real world. It is about rigor, relevance and relationships. With the help of the CBTrack, you will become a skilled financial advisor who consistently delivers a positive client experience, enjoys being in the business and adds to the productivity of the division office.

CRTrack Best Practice Activities

  • Meet with two prospects
  • Complete appropriate prospecting activities – 25 contacts
  • Review Sales Incentive Dashboard
  • Observe one financial planning presentation
  • Meet with 10 prospects
  • Gather Quality INTROs names
  • Observe/co-facilitate at least five financial planning presentations
  • Observe one data collection
  • Enter accomplishments into eScoreBoard

Career Building Conference (CBC)
During your participation in the CBTrack, you may have the opportunity to attend one or more regional training conferences. At CBC, you will learn from field leadership and compare notes with financial advisors outside your division office. Topics are designed to build your skills and knowledge, inspire you to actively enhance your career and reinforce your knowledge of sales and marketing activities.

Career Development Conference (CDC)
After reaching an initial level of success as a new financial advisor, you will be invited to participate in CDC . During this comprehensive conference conducted at our corporate headquarters, you will gain:

  • Heightened confidence, belief and enthusiasm for the value you bring to your clients
  • Expanded knowledge about the financial planning sales process
  • Increased proficiency in using financial, insurance, investment and retirement planning tools
  • Enhanced skills in selecting and implementing personal marketing strategies and resources
  • A deeper understanding of how the quality and quantity of your activities controls your success

Career Enhancement Conferences (CEC)
As a more seasoned financial advisor, you will have the opportunity to attend higher level professional development events. Conducted by home office subject matter experts, field leaders and other industry experts, these conferences and workshops will enhance your skills and knowledge in areas such as practice management, advanced financial planning and personal marketing.

Learning Paths
Our learning paths guide you to acquire the initial product knowledge and skills you need. As you follow the paths, you’ll progress from foundational information to build layers of knowledge and skills. The paths answer the basic question, “How do I learn to deliver financial planning, investment planning, insurance planning, retirement planning, etc.?” The learning paths are built around primary subject categories, each supporting the others. The series of recorded sessions provide a composite of knowledge and skills that will enable you to effectively communicate about Waddell & Reed’s products and services.

eLearn – Learning Management System
Easy access to learning resources is vital. Waddell & Reed’s eLearn system provides web access to a library of more than 500 self-paced courses. Learning Paths direct you through a sequence of topics on financial, investment, retirement and insurance planning and automatically tracks your progress. eLearn also provides access to the regulatory mandated FINRA Firm Element courses. The eLearn library is expanded and updated regularly to keep pace with your learning needs.

Getting PAIDD Sales Development Program
This permission-based sales skills program helps you address sales challenges, apply an effective system of communication, master a discovery process, manage the decision process and gain psychological insights to enhance the dynamics of the buyer/seller relationship. The program also includes follow-up sessions to reinforce skills.

Quality INTROs Referral Gathering System
Quality INTROs is a professional process for generating quality leads in a relationship-focused business. It offers a step-by-step procedure that allows you to escalate your productivity and vastly expand your sphere of influence through low pressure, quality introductions designed and tested to help achieve results.

Professional Designations – Scholarship Support Programs
Professional development is an ongoing process. When you’re ready to add to your knowledge base with a professional designation, Waddell & Reed offers financial support for many including CFP®, ChFC® and CLF®.

Continuing Education (CE)
You'll have access to a library of courses that provide CE credits toward designations such as CMFC®, CFP®, ChFC®, CLF® and CLU®. Waddell & Reed also provides FINRA continuing education and financial support for third-party CE courses based on certain renewal fee guidelines and qualification levels.

Financial Advisor Certifications
Increase your level of professional competency with designations including CMFC®, CFP®, ChFC®, CLF® and CLU®.