Waddell & Reed

Consistent Investment Management Approach

For more than 75 years, Waddell & Reed has managed a broad range of investment products with a disciplined approach and global perspective, designed to help financial advisors meet their clients' needs. Consistently, our investment team undertakes fundamental research with the corresponding market alertness that can only be gained by time in the field, around the world.

Our analysts and portfolio managers believe that cultivating and sharing their ideas results in a richer, more meaningful perspective that makes for better decision making. As part of the Waddell & Reed family, your work with your clients will be informed through direct access to our investment management team.

Over time, while our investment process delivers highly competitive returns, we never forget that it's your clients' money that we manage. It's your trust that drives us. We work hard to earn it.

So how does an extended group of analysts, portfolio managers, economists and traders collaborate effectively? Our investment management team meets every weekday at 8:45 a.m. in an open setting that fosters idea sharing, yet reinforces independent thought. Through all market cycles, we remain dedicated to our core investment principles.

Rigorous Fundamental Research
Waddell & Reed's investment culture dedicates itself to analyzing companies on its own rather than relying on widely available research produced by others.

Collaboration and Accountability
We maintain a balance of collaboration and individual accountability, which ensures the sharing and analysis of investment ideas among investment professionals, while empowering portfolio managers to shape their funds individually.

Focus on Growing and Protecting Investors' Assets
We believe this sound approach seeks to capture asset appreciation when market conditions are favorable and, especially, strives to manage risk during difficult market periods.

Investment Management Team

Waddell & Reed has at its core a highly respected investment organization that traces its roots to the inception of the mutual fund industry. Our heritage and our culture are built upon a commitment to investment excellence.

Henry J. Herrmann
Henry J. Herrmann

Philip J. Sanders
Philip J. Sanders, CFA
Chief Executive Officer Henry J. Herrmann
52 years experience
Chief Investment Officer Philip J. Sanders, CFA
26 years experience
Global Director, Equity and Fixed-Income Research Zachary H. Shafran
26 years experience
Global Director of Fixed Income Mark G. Beischel, CFA
21 years experience
Economic Team 2 Global Economists
1 Economic Analyst
Global Equity Team 25 Portfolio Managers
8 Assistant Portfolio Managers
1 Client Portfolio Managers
13 Analysts
Global Fixed-Income Team 8 Portfolio Managers
2 Assistant Portfolio Managers
14 Analysts
Trading Team 10 Traders
1 Trading Analyst
Average portfolio manager experience 22 years
Average tenure at the firm 16 years

Waddell & Reed Investment Management Company's expertise spans nearly all asset classes, sectors and disciplines, including global/international, asset allocation, natural resources, science and technology, large and small cap growth, core and value equity and fixed-income. We "round out" our team with a premier group of other managers who bring similar investment philosophies and additional expertise that complements our core investment strengths.