Waddell & Reed

Dedicated Transition Specialist

Your Transition Team − which draws on the talents of many Waddell & Reed business units − and is led by dedicated Transition Specialists. Your Specialist is uniquely positioned to foster cross-department communications with key product and service experts and will be your single point of contact to coordinate and deliver necessary resources from within the firm. By providing ongoing support and scheduled communication, your Specialist will be your partner and your guide.

Your Specialist is the expert, focused solely on delivering timely and efficient transition every day by:

  • Focusing on your business
  • Anticipating your needs
  • Removing obstacles
  • Answering all questions

In addition, your Specialist will help you sort out and prioritize the relevant issues, ensuring that your transition goes as smoothly as possible. Whether it's transferring client accounts; managing client communications; or familiarizing yourself with available products, technology and marketing resources; your specialist will coordinate and facilitate with enthusiasm and ease.

At any time, our transition team is available at transitionteam@waddell.com or 1.800.366.4953.

Get Started
We recognize there is a lot to attend to during your transition. Our goal is to unburden you and allow you to do what you do best − focus on your clients. The overriding goal of your Waddell & Reed transition specialist is to get your business up and running as fast as possible while taking a thorough, comprehensive and disciplined approach to the task.