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Turn-Key Financial Planning Process

As a financial planning pioneer, we made a commitment more than 40 years ago to engage our clients in a way unlike any firm in our industry. Since then we have continued our commitment and dedicated significant resources to that endeavor. Today, we are able to address and solve our clients' most important financial issues through highly competitive investment and risk management products coupled with the intellectual and financial capital to support a state-of-the-art financial planning approach.

From budgeting basics to complex financial planning scenarios, we also offer a broad range of services designed to meet ongoing financial planning needs. Whether you are providing a single-issue module or a more in-depth, comprehensive, detailed analysis, Waddell & Reed offers you the flexibility of variable fees. Fixed fees for financial planning services have been determined based on the level of detail and the number of components within the financial plan. You also will have the opportunity to determine the financial planning fee you charge based on the following factors:

  • The amount of time you expect to spend completing the particular financial planning services involved and providing related advice and assistance;
  • The complexity of the client's financial planning issues and needs;
  • The extensiveness and complexity of the data needed.

Our broad range of financial planning services includes:

FOCUSPlan Forecast (EISI – Profiles Forecaster)

FOCUSPlan can help you identify and prioritize your client's goals and offers a variety of tools and resources to produce a detailed written analysis. FOCUSPlan addresses primary financial considerations, including retirement funding, estate planning, asset allocation, goal funding, education funding, income tax planning, survivor needs, disability income and long-term care. These services can be provided on a modular basis if only one or two issues require attention. Or, the issues can be addressed comprehensively at a variety of complexity levels ranging from young accumulators just getting started (FOCUSPlan StartUp) to retirees with complex retirement income and estate planning issues (FOCUSPlan Tax Sensitive).

FOCUSPlan Premier (EISI – NAVIPlan Extended)

FOCUSPlan Premier is our comprehensive financial, business and estate planning service that provides clients with an integrated, personalized plan addressing their current and long-term financial objectives. During the planning process, you’ll gain insight from our advanced planning professionals and benefit from the resources of Waddell & Reed’s strategic partners. In combination, this experience is applied directly and exclusively to the intricate aspects of your clients’ financial situations.

Supplemental Services

Supplemental services may be added or provided separately from any of the FOCUSPlan components described above, including:

  • Investment Planning Services provide advanced asset allocation strategies for specific financial objectives based on individual time horizons and risk tolerance levels. It also includes specific recommendations regarding selection of a model portfolio to create a personalized asset mix for current investment positions and the allocation of future monthly savings. It may also provide advanced classification of current and recommended holdings and aid in developing asset allocation strategies specific to current and recommended investments.
  • Wealth Forecasting Services (Monte Carlo Analysis) illustrate the interaction of the client's personal portfolio and goals with the uncertainties in life that cause plans to fail. This is accomplished by modeling those uncertainties, such as market fluctuations, varying investment rates of return and inflation. The Wealth Forecasting Service helps your clients achieve their financial goals by quantifying financial risk using Monte Carlo simulation. The simulation increases the client's confidence in your planning and recommendations by providing their probability of success.
  • Estate Planning Strategies are designed to accompany or supplement a FOCUSPlan and allows you to illustrate estate distribution plans that may require more sophisticated techniques.
  • Business Planning Strategies provide the ability to work with owners of small- to medium-sized businesses in three of the key areas that impact their personal financial situation such as business continuation, executive compensation and business valuation.

Waddell & Reed permits certain financial advisors to charge fees for any of the firm's financial planning services that exceed the fees set forth in the firm's ADV. Such fees are negotiable and are subject to acceptance by the client.

FOCUSPlan services and fee-based asset allocation products are offered by Waddell & Reed, Inc. in its capacity as a registered investment advisor.

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We’ve built a reputation on the value of sound financial planning – it’s part of our heritage. Our financial planning process takes a holistic view of the client’s financial situation and employs a personalized solution. It’s the launch of a journey, rather than a one-time event, that advisor and client will travel over time.