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The perfect balance of compensation and support

Experienced financial advisors, whether from wirehouses, independent firms, or insurance companies or banks, all seek maximum compensation with high levels of built-in firm support to help grow their business.This combination is hard to find, but at Waddell & Reed we believe that we deliver the optimum mix of highly competitive compensation and high-quality advisor support.

In the typical full-service business model, advisors benefit from significant national support. This support is commensurate with the advisor's production levels and covers the critical areas of their business. However, in exchange for that support, even successful advisors rarely exceed a 45 percent payout while many receive payouts in the 20-40 percent range.

Independent firms, by contrast, often promise advisors 90 percent payouts. Yet, that payout comes with little to no built-in advisor support. Most advisors are left to their own devices to construct a support structure that can be ad hoc, expensive and time consuming. What started as the promise of a 90 percent payout might look a lot less after getting the resources you need to manage your practice.

At Waddell & Reed, we offer world-class support and a compensation structure that rewards you fully for your efforts. In addition, we give you the freedom to shape and grow your business as you choose, unburdened by tasks that divert your focus. It is at this intersection of compensation and support that you will find Waddell & Reed is an industry leader.

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Waddell & Reed has struck a unique balance, offering very competitive compensation and a high level of advisor support. Our business model allows you to focus on why you got in the business in the first place − making a difference in your community, helping clients meet their financial goals and gaining financial independence of your own.