Waddell & Reed

Business Solutions

Your Transition Specialist will provide training on our suite of technology solutions. We know that everyone has different learning styles when it comes to technology, so we base our training on how and when you want to receive information, while never overwhelming you.

  • Waddell & Reed technology offering/registration
  • Personal computer/networking support
  • eSuite Advisor Portal
  • Microsoft Outlook Web Access
  • eLearn (Pinpoint Global Communications)
  • NetX360™ (Pershing)
  • SmartOffice (EBIX CRM, formerly E-Z Data)
  • COMPASS (Albridge Solutions)
  • INVESTMENTPlan (Morningstar® Advisor WorkstationSM)
  • FOCUSPlan (EISI – Profiles Professional)
  • FOCUSPlan Forecast (EISI – Profiles Forecaster)
  • FOCUSPlan Premier (EISI – NaviPlan Extended)
  • Forefield AdvisorTM
  • Tax Facts and Field Guide (National Underwriter Company)
  • eStub®

Compensation and Benefits

Your Managing Principal will review and explain our compensation package, thereby ensuring you are able to maximize your income potential. In addition, your Transition Specialist will arrange for you to meet with a dedicated benefits resource to ensure that you fully utilize the benefits provided.

Compensation Package Review

  • Payout grid
  • Equity compensation
  • Incentive qualifications

Benefits Enrollment

  • Human Resources benefits expert
  • Subsidized group health insurance
  • Subsidized group life insurance