Waddell & Reed

A culture of values

Waddell & Reed’s distinctive culture takes its cue from a set of principles called The Seven Cs. Actionable and attainable, these principles express who we are and guide our business strategies. Respected companywide, The Seven Cs are displayed in every division and district office, highlighted at incentive meetings, and celebrated at an annual recognition event.

We believe that our collective and unwavering dedication to the message of the Seven Cs defines and enhances the culture described therein.


Everything we do must have the client at its center.

We believe in the primacy of the client first, last and always. As a firm, we exist because of and for our clients. The entire Waddell & Reed organization is committed to the client and the trust that binds that relationship.


In spirit, and in practice, we will meet or exceed the ethical and operating standards that govern our business.

We do this not simply because it is required by the regulatory agencies but because it is the right thing to do for our clients and ourselves.


We will bring a sense of urgency to our work every day, giving the best of ourselves to our clients and to our organization.

Waddell & Reed is a place where advisors care deeply about their clients, have a passion for the business, enjoy the fruits of their labor and where talented and entrepreneurial people are embraced and rewarded.


We bring unique value to our clients through the combination of a proven, experienced investment management team and a national network of talented financial advisors.

While most firms can boast of one or the other, Waddell & Reed can offer you and your clients both.


We always will be focused on building upon our team of financial advisors, our product and service offerings, and our results.

Creation is a commitment to innovation and growth on all levels. We work tirelessly to attract and retain the most talented professionals in our industry and arm them with the best client solutions.


We will be competitive − in products, services and professional acumen − with other providers in the investment management and financial planning business.

We consistently demonstrate a deep commitment to providing our advisors with an extremely competitive lineup of products and services.


We will continue always to foster Waddell & Reed's unique, familial culture.

We believe in healthy competition but, at the end of the day, our atmosphere is collegial and family-oriented. In this spirit, we don't have separate home office and field office cultures − we are one company with one culture that fosters strong and lasting relationships among us all.

Our culture is the foundation of our collective success. That success is driven by financial advisors who epitomize our culture and who have perpetually embraced the integrity and resourcefulness that are essential elements to realizing ongoing client growth and long-term results.

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As you are considering Waddell & Reed, it is important to know that we are truly a unique company. We are not easily compared to any other firm in the industry. Our culture and the preeminence of the client and advisor shape our vision, values and business decisions.